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Soni Shalini

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My Latest Creation

The Stalwarts

The book is a fictitious reality, with the greatest expression of truth.

Milind, a well-groomed, cultured, devoted & duty-bound young doctor, overwhelmed by massive load of responsibility & Anushka, a young US born, bred, beautiful new age lass, journalist by profession, ventured into the city of Mumbai to combat the Covid-19 catastrophe. Despite having conflicting professions, they harmonized in due course & their synergy became a force to reckon with. They lived their truth, expressed their fondness & shared the journey, making it worthwhile.

He might not make it tonight “In a flash of a second, the pulse OX alarm dropped to 30 percent. We could see foam coming out of his nose & mouth. The sound of his breathing changed alarmingly. We the team of best doctors were all set to revive his pristine energy. No, we do not want him to die.”

My soggy fingers pulled her “Come on, let’s dance with the rhythm of the rain.” The twist & turns started, she moved like a poem, her eyes lit like a lamp, flowing spontaneously in dance, it was the only way her body truly knew how to speak. Breaking the chain of mad dance, her cellphone buzzed, she took out the cellphone, whispering, “Hello, yes!” Instantly her tone rose like a maddening sea, “How could this be? Absolutely shocking!”

If you honor heroism, if you value endurance, here’s the journey of “The Stalwarts” you need to trace.

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About Me

Soni Shalini is a Life Coach Author, who works for one mission and one purpose i.e., to touch and transform many and myriad lives through the might of her pen.   
Soni has authored “Wise Up” (No learning is as big as life itself), a semi biography, brimming with life lessons of worldliness and wisdom that heaped upon her soul, as she walked, hand in hand with life, breathing, feeling and touching it, moment by moment. The book was appreciated for gems of wisdom and did get rave reviews.  
“BOMBay” her second book is a touching tale of terrorism, bringing into light, darkness of prejudice and ignorance that exists in our society. The author received international recognition through the NEW YORK CITY BIG BOOK AWARDS 2019 for her book “BOMBay”. New York big book award recognised BOMBay tryst with terrorist, in the category of thriller as a “distinguished favourite “.  
 Author Soni is out and out a sensitive soul and possesses a heart that can feel another heart. Blessed with a keen power of observation, she keeps the child within her alive, kicking, wonderstruck and inquisitive in the world. Being a voracious reader, she is hungry for all kinds of books, creating many lives in her life.  
Last but not the least, she is a passionate traveller too, loves walking through the globe, not just to soothe her eyes with the panorama, getting immersed in the places, people and practices. Hereby, her creativity springs out of these power and passion into action.  
As an author, she is bold and not afraid of thinking out of the box and presenting it before the readers. Like any author, she has a distinctive style of writing, in dressing up her thoughts, thereby expressing her story in an individualistic manner. First person is her favourite flavour of writing, though a difficult concept in writing but she swims comfortably. Being a conscientious soul, her messages are lessons of human virtues that have the power to transform the life of her readers.  Her latest work is “The Stalwarts “ a fictitious reality with a greatest expression of truth , intertwined beautifully in a single story, formulated out of a burning issue. It’s a telling tale of two professionals who dare to walk together in their fight against the scourge of covid that brought unfold miseries to the world at large .